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Redflex Begins Major Upgrade of Automated Enforcement Systems for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

One of the largest automated enforcement networks in the country, it’s designed to deter unsafe behaviors by motorists at bus and rail crossings to safeguard residents and visitors.

LOS ANGELES, California, September 1, 2020 – Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management solutions, is currently in the beginning stages of upgrading 113 automated enforcement camera sites throughout the Los Angeles area that are designed to enhance safety by enforcing traffic laws at bus and rail  crossings. This initiative is part of a 25.4 million (USD) agreement with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to improve automated enforcement system technologies and associated back office management services over eight years. The entire network is currently one of the largest automated enforcement programs in the United States.

Under the contract, Redflex will upgrade and maintain the camera systems and host the back-office solution for violations processing, customer service and court support. All citations are reviewed and approved by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The agreement is significant on multiple levels including its location, its size and its duration. Mark Talbot, Group Chief Executive Officer of Redflex Holdings Limited, says the project will garner attention. “This is one of the most watched transportation regions in the world and like us, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is committed to the goals of Vision Zero to reduce transportation deaths and serious injuries. Our work with Metro will give us the opportunity to profoundly impact the safety of Los Angeles’ residents,” he said. “Imagine the consequences of a crash between a bus and a car, or a train and a car. Reducing or possibly even eliminating those incursions is vitally important.”

Redflex is working on the project with Los Angeles based Morgner Construction Management, a DBE, MBE, WBE, Los Angeles County certified business.

The project will feature Redflex’s Halo 2 camera system and Alcyon back office software, with 45-megapixel cameras delivering high quality images.. “The certainty of enforcement drives compliance,” Talbot continued. “It’s an unarguable fact that when cameras are in place, violations go down and dangerous or bad driving behavior changes.” The Redflex system is designed to be a fast and cost-effective retrofit with a modern, simple to use back office. Beyond its functionality, the system is attractive with fewer extraneous parts than competing systems, and is environmentally friendly with a low power draw that also uses LED flashes where possible. When fully upgraded, the Redflex automated enforcement systems will be active at several Metro light rail network and bus intersections.

Redflex has had a strong commitment to California for years with a long-term office in Culver City. The company has approximately 20 agreements throughout the state.

Talbot said, “Because we’ve been in the area for years, by most measures, you could think of Redflex as a local company that really gets how the region functions. We understand the legislative framework and compliance rules and that’s a real benefit to our California customers.” He points out, the partnership with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority brings together two of the leaders in automated enforcement. “They were one of the earliest adopters of automated enforcement. They helped pioneer the concept when they started their program in the late 90’s and we’re proud to be their partner.”

Unlike many of its competitors, Redflex controls its own production and manufacturing processes, and assembles its own products. This allows the company to adapt schedules to meet customer needs with limited dependence on third party manufacturers. According to Talbot, that flexibility is attractive to customers. “We can accelerate delivery timelines and make customizations to drive to a competitive price point. That, combined with the quality and reliability of our products, represents real customer benefit.”

About Redflex

During the past 25 years, Redflex has established itself as a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management products and services which are sold and managed in Asia Pacific, North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East regions. Redflex develops, manufactures and operates a wide range of platform-based solutions all utilizing advanced sensor and image capture technologies enabling active management of state and local motorways.

The Redflex Group runs its own systems engineering operations, system integration technologies and innovation center for research and development. With a continuous program of product development, Redflex has been helping to improve roadway safety, alleviate congestion and reduce the harmful impacts of vehicle emissions.

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