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Redflex Holdings Launches Advisory Committee to Bolster Innovation, Elevate Service

Redflex Holdings has constituted a new CEO Advisory Committee, which will meet regularly throughout the year, to further solidify the Company’s position at the forefront of the global Intelligent Traffic Systems industry, specifically focusing on Managed Motorways and Urban Mobility. The Committee will provide the Group CEO Mark Talbot with valuable insights into industry trends and government policy and regulation, as well as an independent assessment of the company’s strategic plan and product roadmap. The inaugural Committee members include:

Scott Belcher, Chair: Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Scott previously served as President and CEO of Intelligent Transportation Society of America and CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association. As founder of SFB Consulting, Scott focuses on the intersection of technology, communications and transportation. SFB Consulting provides strategic management guidance to boards and public and private organisations in transportation, technology and other industries.

Dennis Cliche: Dennis is the former CEO of Sydney Motorway Corporation, which finances road projects on behalf of the New South Wales Government. Dennis led the organisation from start-up through its successful sale to Sydney Transportation Partners in September 2019. He has held senior leadership roles in various industries and transportation infrastructure organisations in Australia, France and Canada. Dennis currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

John Worthington: John is the former Executive Chairman and CEO of Trafficware, which provides software that optimises the flow of traffic and pedestrians. Based in Tucson, Arizona, he played a key role in the merger of Trafficware and Naztec, a leading manufacturer of traffic management hardware, and the ultimate sale of the organisation to Cubic Transportation Group in 2018.

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