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Redflex’s Response to COVID-19

Updated 18 March 2020

As with the rest of the world Redflex is continuously monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. To mitigate the risk of further spread of the virus and to ensure the workplace health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers and the other stakeholders, our Redflex Global Leadership Team is continually monitoring the current situation and will respond as appropriate.

Workplace Health & Safety

We have put in place the following measures to address the workplace health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers and other stakeholders:

  • We are operating on a skeleton staff (critical only) at all Redflex locations around the world where some employees must be in the Redflex office to assist our customers and to meet their specific and security needs during this time. Where necessary, we are also talking with our customers and partners to work on mutually satisfactory working arrangements to ensure the health and safety of our people at Redflex and of our customers and partners.
  • For those Redflex employees that can work remotely we have mandated that these employees work from home where they have been supplied the necessary tools, equipment and secure remote systems access to seamlessly perform their roles.
  • For those few critical employees who remain working at Redflex’s offices we have:
    • introduced social distancing measures as well as daily (and in some locations twice daily) hygienic cleans of the high touch surfaces within our offices;
    • supplied hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant sprays at various locations within our workplaces and are working with our various cleaning contractors around the globe to ensure thorough environmental and hygienic cleaning of all high touch areas and surfaces within our offices;
    • communicated with them about office hygiene, regular cleaning of desks, office equipment, high touch areas, kitchen and lunchroom hygiene and frequent washing of hands; and
    • placed government information posters within our premises about identifying and dealing with reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our workplaces.
  • For all of our employees globally, we continue to regularly update them about current COVID-19 developments.
  • Following government and health authority advice:
    • we are mandating that any employee who is feeling unwell must self-isolate at home for at least 14 days, not come to work and seek immediate medical assistance. This same mandate also applies to all persons who have recently arrived home after being abroad; and
    • we have asked that no employees attend external work-related events where there are mass gatherings of people (except with approval of our Group Chief Executive Officer).
  • We have our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service available to all employees and their immediate family members to help manage any anxiety or concerns.

Domestic and International Travel

  • We have maintained our current travel restrictions and self-isolation requirements for our employees.
  • Any employees who have recently travelled abroad or they feel unwell after any travel or they have come into contact with someone with a known case of COVID-19 should stay at home, take sick leave from work or confirm to our People & Performance Team that they are fit to work remotely for at least 14 days after the travel or the contact. We have also advised them to seek immediate medical assistance if they feel unwell.
  • We have maintained our suspension of all international and domestic travel for the immediate future (unless approved by the Group Chief Executive Officer).
  • We have received COVID-19 specific advice from our global travel insurance provider.
  • We have replaced all in person meetings (e.g. Board Meetings, investor meetings and stakeholder meetings) with video conferencing or VOIP meetings, where that is possible.

Contingency Plan during current COVID-19 event

At the current time, we are working hard to minimise any material impact on our ability to deliver our world leading technological solutions and services to our customers. We have in place, and are currently implementing, our contingencies to continue to deliver these solutions and services during this event. If these solutions or services are affected, we are talking with our customers to work out a mutually acceptable resolution and way forward. In person meetings and international and domestic travel are, of course, affected.

We continue to focus on mitigation and reduction of the spread of the virus observing all government and health authority issued advice (e.g. through the Chief Medical Officer in Australia or the CDC in the United States), mandating that our employees work remotely (where that is possible), observing good hygiene practices and strongly encouraging self-evaluation if employees feel unwell. With these changes to our ways of working we believe that we can continue to operate our business and serve the important needs of our customers.

In terms of working remotely, our plan includes having essential on-premises staff in our offices (taking appropriate infection and transmission control measures including social distancing and good hygiene practices) to support the supply of our solutions and services (e.g. accepting deliveries of components, assembly, quality assurance, testing and logistics). Most of our other functions, as far as possible, can work remotely.

We will continue to do the things to monitor our capability to support these new ways of working which help us to continue servicing our customers around the globe.

Further information

If you have any queries regarding our response measures please get in touch with your key Redflex contact.

For our South Melbourne office COVID Safe Plan click here.