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Achieve Vision Zero with Redflex Photo Enforcement Solutions

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. First implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero has spread across Europe and is now gaining momentum in the United States . Dozens of cities of all sizes are actively committed to achieving Vision Zero around the country.

Vision Zero is built on the assumptions that traffic deaths are preventable, saving lives is not expensive and that systems can be constructed that account for human failings while still increasing roadway safety.

Redflex can be your partner to achieve Vision Zero. Our automated enforcement solutions are proven to help cities reduce crashes, save lives, improve public safety and reach their Vision Zero goals.

Red-Light Cameras

Redflex’s red-light solutions help municipalities combat the crime, 24/7. They feature non-intrusive radars, state-of-the-art image recording and data capture technology, and can be configured to fit each municipality’s zones, needs and regulations. They can even capture data of red-light running incidents across multiple lanes in low light or adverse weather conditions.

A 2016 IIHS study comparing large cities with red-light cameras to those without found the devices reduced fatal red-light running crashes by 21% and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at signalized intersections by 14%.

Speed Cameras

Redflex’s versatile speed solutions can detect and deter speeding in a variety of conditions – making them suitable for an array of cities, environments, challenges, terrains and other needs. Available in fixed, mobile and handheld units, the solution offers secondary speed verification, providing two independent data points for each speeding violation to help ensure accuracy and validity.

School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras

Redflex’s Student Guardian® helps reduce dangerous driving around school buses. The specialized camera system that’s appended to the stop-arm of a school bus that is triggered to capture data of a vehicle if it passes a stopped school bus while the stop-arm and warning lights are displayed, and children are loading or unloading. Bus drivers do not need to record or mark the incident, enabling them to stay focused on the children and the road.

Specialty Solutions

Redflex also offers specialty solutions for specific environmental traffic safety needs, including stop sign enforcement in busy pedestrian areas and automated enforcement at high-traffic railroad crossings.

Save Lives with Comprehensive, Data-Driven Solutions

Redflex is proud to assist all clients with site selection, intersection or roadway optimization, regular and remote maintenance, triple verification of all incidents, citation processing and mailing, as well as a customer service suite for motorists.

Transparency & Community Engagement

Redflex can help cities design and implement a community outreach program to educate drivers about dangerous behaviors and the role of traffic safety cameras in changing those behaviors. Beginning with site selection and carrying through to implementation of the program, reporting on results and gathering feedback, Redflex will be your partner in setting and achieving goals for public engagement.

Do you want to reach Vision Zero? Contact sales@redflex.com.


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