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Citrus Heights, CA Releases Video of Red-light Violations, Notes Benefits of Photo Enforcement

The Citrus Heights, CA Police Department released a video compilation of red-light violations and crashes from the past two years, reinforcing the dangers of red-light running and the positive impact of photo enforcement technology.

The video, originally posted to the police department’s Facebook page, features footage captured by Redflex enforcement systems at eight different intersections throughout Citrus Heights. The incidents highlighted include T-bone collisions, rear-end collisions and a narrow miss of a pedestrian, among others.

In an interview with ABC 10, Citrus Heights Police Department Lieutenant Kris Frey said that the video is intended to spark a public conversation about red-light running and remind people to take an extra moment to look both ways after a traffic light turns green. He also notes that since installing photo enforcement cameras, both violations and crashes have decreased at enforced intersections.

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