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Hamilton, OH Renews Handheld Speed Camera Program, Continuing Decade-long Commitment to Road Safety

In a continued commitment to improving public safety on its roadways, the Hamilton, Ohio City Council voted unanimously to renew the city's handheld speed camera program.

Since 2009, Hamilton has relied on Redflex's automated photo enforcement solutions to monitor speeding incidents on the city's roadways. For the better part of the decade, police have utilized mobile units in unmanned vans as well as specialized technology that's attached to a police cruiser. The handheld units were introduced in 2017 to provide officers with additional enforcement options that are convenient and safe, especially in areas where a vehicle cannot be parked.

According to officials, the program has reduced fatalities on one of Hamilton's main highways.

REDFLEXspeed® Handheld is a versatile solution that allows officers to monitor speeding in a variety of environments where it's not feasible to place a permanent system. The officer simply points the handheld in the direction of the vehicle to capture data of potential violations, and does not need to chase down speeders to issue citations. The data is later reviewed by officers following a triple verification process to determine whether a violation occurred.

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