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Improve Officer Safety with Photo Enforcement

We often hear about how photo enforcement drastically improves the safety of the general public, and with good reason. Numerous studies have shown that photo enforcement technology reduces dangerous driving behaviors and crashes by holding drivers accountable.

In addition to keeping the public safe, photo enforcement serves as a supplement to traditional enforcement options, helping to keep law enforcement officers safe as they patrol community roadways.

Ending the Chase
In some cases, officers must pursue vehicles that have violated traffic laws. This practice may require officers to engage in risky driving behaviors, such as traveling against traffic or speeding, which places the officer and others on the road in potentially dangerous situations.

Photo enforcement eliminates the need to chase after and pull over drivers who speed or run red lights, automatically capturing data of vehicles when a violation potentially occurs, including the license plate number, date and time of the incident, and photos and video of the incident. All data undergoes a three-part review and verification process before it is submitted to local law enforcement for review.

Fixed systems monitoring red-light and speeding incidents don’t require the presence of an officer. If an officer is required to be present when monitoring speed, our handheld solutions boast the same exact technology, yet can be activated wherever an officer posts up. This is especially helpful in challenging terrain or busy pedestrian areas where it could be unsafe to pursue a driver, much less engage in a chase.

Environmental Hazards When Monitoring Traffic Violations
Cities may have a strong need to monitor red-light and speeding incidents in precarious environmental conditions, such as steep mountain roads, a bridge, roadways that experience inclement weather and roadways without shoulders.

Officers put themselves at risk when they get out of their vehicle on busy roadways to approach the car they pulled over in adverse conditions. In 2016, 15 officers were struck and killed while outside their vehicles (National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund).

The technology enables law enforcement agencies to monitor traffic in these areas, without putting an officer’s safety in danger.

A Valuable Resource to Expand the Police Force
When photo enforcement solutions are installed at problematic intersections or roadways, law enforcement can focus on other high-priority issues in the community, while still ensuring the safety of roadways around the clock.

Photo enforcement technology, such as Redflex’s speed and red-light solutions, is available in permanent or mobile systems, and can be customized based on the needs of each community. Cameras can be installed at specific intersections or placed along stretches of road that experience high incidences of violations or crashes.