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Merry and Bright: How Photo Enforcement Helps Reduce the Dangers of Holiday Driving

The holiday season is a busy time for many people – from gift shopping and road trips to end-of-year projects and parties, many people are in a rush. This holiday hubbub can negatively affect peoples’ driving, causing speeding, red-light running, and drunk or distracted driving, among other dangerous behaviors. In fact, 14,472 people were killed in crashes in December from 2012 to 2016, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

When coupled with law enforcement monitoring, photo enforcement can be used as a reminder to drivers that safety should always be the highest priority, no matter how hectic the time of year.

Photo enforcement offers numerous benefits during the holiday season:

Consistent Traffic Monitoring
Photo enforcement cameras don’t take a holiday break – they’re monitoring traffic 24/7, capturing potential violations to help law enforcement manage and reduce dangerous driving. Driving by photo enforcement signage or seeing the flash of a camera capturing another vehicle’s information helps keep safety top of mind for other drivers, causing them to think twice before speeding or running a red light.

Most systems are also able to capture a vehicle’s data in inclement weather and adverse conditions, when dangerous driving behaviors can be even more deadly.

Assists Law Enforcement
In addition to photo enforcement, many law enforcement agencies choose to increase patrols to monitor drunk driving and other community issues during the holidays. Drunk driving is a widespread issue during the holidays, with the NHTSA reporting that 781 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in December 2016 alone. A five-year survey found that 1,500 people died in drunk driving crashes during the Christmas to New Year’s period.

Photo enforcement acts as an extension of the jurisdiction’s police force, ensuring high-risk intersections and roadways are continually monitored, allowing law enforcement to cover more ground during the holiday season.

Drive Home the Importance of Safety
The holidays can be a great time to remind citizens about the benefits of photo enforcement. Share reminders about the importance of slowing down and driving cautiously on the community’s website and social media channels. Reiterate the location(s) of photo enforcement systems, and explain how they help keep the public safe year-round. If your region gets snow or other winter weather, provide tips and resources to help residents drive safely on icy roads, in snow storms and other dangerous conditions.

The holiday season is often a time for reflection. Photo enforcement can help drivers consider their safety, resolving to slow down and be more mindful of their behaviors on the roadway. Learn more about Redflex’s photo enforcement systems , and how we help jurisdictions communicate their benefits to residents.