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Phenix City, AL Renews Red-Light Camera Program

In a commitment to continually improving public safety, Phenix City, AL has renewed its red-light camera program.

The community recognized a need for increased safety at its busiest intersections, partnering with Redflex to combat red-light running and ultimately reduce violations and crashes.

Phenix City started with two REDFLEXred® systems in May 2013 and has expanded to five systems over the years. City officials are now analyzing data and assessing whether additional red-light systems will be beneficial in more locations.

REDFLEXred systems detect and deter red-light running 24/7, with state-of-the-art technology that captures high-quality images, video and data across multiple lanes of traffic, in low light or in adverse conditions.

With continual support from the community, law enforcement and local government, Phenix City’s red-light programs will continue to save lives and improve traffic safety.

Learn more about Redflex’s red-light solutions here.