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Plano, TX Renews Red-light Program, Continues Decade-long Commitment to Reducing Crashes, Red-light Running

The city of Plano, TX has renewed its red-light camera program, highlighting its positive effect on community safety over the course of more than a decade.

Since launching its program in 2006, Plano has installed red-light enforcement systems at 25 intersections. Photo enforcement has become an integral piece of the city’s public safety strategy, working in tandem with law enforcement to monitor roadways and keep residents safe.

REDFLEXred® helps cities combat red-light running and reduce crashes with state-of-the-art image recording and data capture technology that can collect a vehicle’s information in low light or adverse conditions. These systems include non-intrusive radar technology improves the installation process, negating the need for disruptive road construction.

Learn more about Redflex’s red-light enforcement technology.