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Redflex Halo Traffic Enforcement Camera: Good Design® Australia Selection Award

The Redflex Halo Traffic Enforcement Camera system was recently awarded the 2017 Good Design® Selection’s Product Design category for Commercial and Industrial Products, one of the oldest and highest honors for design innovation in Australia. Since 1958, the international award has rewarded excellence in design, innovation and creativity in architectural, digital, communication and product design; business model and social innovation; and design entrepreneurship.

Halo is unique in its use of one enclosure to mount the three key functional components of radar, flash and camera to a single pole. Good Design’s independent panel of more than 35 Australian and international design experts deemed Halo a stand-out among its peers for its space efficiency. This innovative design also offers easy installation and servicing, and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the system.

In addition to being compact, the Halo offers state-of-the-art technological capabilities. For instance, it features an array of fixed-focus, fixed-aperture small format camera sensors, which enables it to survey up to six traffic lanes in either direction without any onsite camera position or lens adjustments. Combined with radar technology, the camera can cross-check traffic violations to ensure that drivers do not get punished for a violation they did not commit.

Since traffic patterns, intersections and geography vary widely per jurisdiction, Redflex has made Halo customizable to suit local traffic needs, with a unique mounting system to allow for different camera angles and completely removable and replaceable components.

The Halo system is among Redflex’s most prominent and impactful innovations, and is another example of the company’s focus and commitment to developing solutions provide the greatest value to customers by addressing their most pressing traffic safety needs.