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Redflex Raises Awareness for Railway Safety During Rail Safety Week

Violations at railroad crossings are among the most dangerous and difficult to enforce, with one person or vehicle being hit by a train every three hours, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. To help raise awareness, The U.S. Department of Transportation and Operation Lifesaver is hosting Rail Safety Week September 27-30 to educate the public about rail safety practices.

In an effort to increase public safety near railways, Redflex developed REDFLEXrail®, an industry-leading solution specially designed to reduce dangerous driving behaviors near railroad crossings. It detects when drivers illegally pass warning devices, prevents gridlock on the rails and is a useful tool to help law enforcement monitor areas near railways. REDFLEXrail is a cost-effective solution that acts as a 24/7 deterrent and prevents deadly crashes.

The Federal Railroad Administration reports that the number of railway crashes has decreased in recent years, partially thanks to increased awareness of railway dangers and deterrents like REDFLEXrail. Operation Lifesaver aims to push that number even lower. The rail safety education nonprofit has hosted Rail Safety Week for 45 years, and 2017 marks the first year the organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Transportation to observe the event.

Learn more about Rail Safety Week here.