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Sacramento, Calif. Reduces Crashes by 92 Percent with Red-light Camera Program

The city of Sacramento, Calif. released impressive statistics about the success of its red-light camera program. Since installing cameras at 25 intersections, California’s capital city has experienced a 92 percent reduction in crashes.

Before starting the program in 2000, there were 621 crashes at these intersections. Crashes dropped to 82 in 2016, and just 50 in 2017. One especially well-performing intersection logged 81 crashes before the cameras. In 2017, there were only five.

Sacramento is the fastest growing city in California according to the California Department of Finance, with its population increasing 8 percent since the 2010 census. The city’s successful red-light camera program is a testament to the effectiveness of photo enforcement and community education about safe driving. Sacramento has partnered with Redflex since 2008.

Redflex’s red-light enforcement technology captures high-resolution photos and video across multiple lanes of traffic in low light or adverse conditions, offering customizable enforcement zone configuration for law enforcement. The systems don’t require disruptive road construction, allowing for easy installation. Learn more about how your city can partner with Redflex.