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School Bus Stop-Arm Photo Enforcement Protects Children, Communities Nationwide

March 15, 2016 – In an effort to make the bus ride safer to and from school, Redflex Traffic Systems launched Student Guardian, an automated stop-arm enforcement program proven effective at detecting and deterring drivers from illegally passing school buses while students are loading and unloading.

Automated stop-arm enforcement is one of the most effective ways to change dangerous driving behaviors along school bus routes. It enables law enforcement to deter violators, raise awareness about school bus safety and enforce traffic laws on school bus routes when officers can’t be there in person.

How It Works

  • External camera systems are installed on the exterior driver’s side of a school bus.
  • The camera systems automatically monitor traffic when the bus’ stop arm is deployed and safety lights are displayed, allowing the bus driver to stay focused on the children.
  • The cameras are only triggered to capture data as a vehicle passes the bus while children are loading and unloading.
  • This data is reviewed and processed into an evidence file.
  • A local law enforcement officer determines whether a violation is warranted.

Why It’s Needed

Stop-arm photo enforcement is a tool school districts can use to protect children from motorists who make rash decisions. Benefits include:

  • Serves as a “police force multiplier,” allowing officers to refocus their energies on other high-priority tasks while still ensuring the safety of school bus routes.
  • Automatically detects violations – no action is needed by the bus driver.
  • Serves as a deterrent to breaking the law. The presence of the system itself causes drivers to think twice before passing a school bus.
  • Increases awareness about school bus safety in our community. Stop arm enforcement sparks a vital community conversation about student pedestrians and mindful driving.

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