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Sherwood, OR Shares Benchmark Data from Speed Enforcement Program, Projects Reduction in Violations

Sherwood, OR released data from the first five weeks of its speed enforcement program, setting a benchmark for safety improvements in the community. Since installing three REDFLEXspeed® systems in October, city officials report that the cameras were triggered to capture more than 5,200 speeding incidents caused by vehicles that traveled through enforced intersections at more than 11 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Sherwood law enforcement expects the number of speeding incidents to decrease over time as drivers change their behavior and adjust to photo enforcement technology. The city will continue to track driver behavior at the enforced intersections to provide a long-term picture of road safety.

REDFLEXspeed® systems at intersections capture images of the vehicle before and in the intersection, the driver’s face and the vehicle’s license plate. The cameras also record a 12-second video of each potential violation to assist law enforcement with incident review. Each potential violation is carefully reviewed by law enforcement to determine if a citation is warranted. Citations only are issued with law enforcement approval.

Sherwood’s new systems combine REDFLEXred® red-light enforcement with speed enforcement, monitoring both types of incidents 24/7 at intersections. The city also has two standalone red-light systems.