Speed enforcement designed to exceed type approval requirements

2019-02-06 21:13:52

One of the first digital enforcement systems to use non-intrusive dual radar technology to provide detection accuracy across up to six lanes of approaching and receding traffic, Redflex's newest speed enforcement system, REDFLEXspeed-radar, has been verified by NMi in the Netherlands to exceed UK and Dutch type approval requirements. The camera is currently undergoing UK Home Office testing.

Dual radar enables REDFLEXspeed-radar to deliver accurate speed enforcement over up to six lanes of traffic, in all weather conditions, with lane identification, vehicle position and positive vehicle classification. The technology eliminates the usual radar anomalies and allows the system to be operated at sites where traditional radar-based camera systems fail, while the two radars operate independently to verify speed measurement.

Housed in a new slim-line enclosure for roadside mounting, REDFLEXspeed-radar can also be gantry-mounted, while non-intrusive detection technology eliminates the need for in-road sensors, reducing installation time and cost.

The gantry mounted variant of REDFLEXspeed-radar is used by the UK Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (HADECS 3) managed motorway project to support the implementation of mandatory variable speed limits on selected motorways. Cameras mounted to the side of the motorway automatically adjust to the new enforced speed limit on the motorway to keep traffic flowing during busy periods.

Comments Redflex CEO, Ricardo Fiusco: "Dual radar detection technology used in the REDFLEXspeed-radar product is one of the most accurate speed detection devices on the market today and we are delighted that its performance has been verified by NMi."