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Why Redflex?

Our aim is to make the world a safer, smarter and greener place through our traffic solutions and technology. We welcome people who want to make a lasting contribution to our business, our workplace culture and our future.

Our Culture

At Redflex we know that our people drive our success.

We are committed to a work environment where our teams feel encouraged and motivated to share their ideas and be the best they can be. We foster a culture in which people are rewarded for their enthusiasm, passion and skill, and in which we treat each other fairly, equitably, reasonably, and with respect.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe the key to a successful business lies in the diversity of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.

Our People

Working at Redflex will provide you with opportunities across our international business, as well as the benefits of being part of a company committed to progression. We invest in the ongoing professional and personal development of our people, facilitating opportunities for growth in the workplace and beyond.

Employee Benefits

At Redflex we know that our success is driven by our fantastic team. That is why we are committed to improve our employee’s time at Redflex by offering
them a range of benefits.

Flexible Work Practices
Monthly social events
Free monthly massages
Global job opportunities
Wellbeing Program
Personal lockers on site
Novated Leasing
Breakfast items and fruit provided daily
Shower and change-room
Employee Assistance Program
Coffee machine on site
Secured, undercover bike racks


I have always had a keen interest in both Electronics and Computer technology

Lucas joined Redflex in 2006 as a Production Technician and is now Production Lead, looking after the hardware manufacturing and repair teams in both Melbourne and Arizona. Lucas’ team works directly with the Project Managers, Supply Chain team and Engineers to build, test and configure all Redflex systems, as well as repairing damaged equipment.

Lucas’ proudest achievement at Redflex was completing a 3-month stint in Sydney, managing the fleet fit-out of 47 new vehicles with dual radar speed enforcement systems.

Outside of work, family is extremely important to Lucas. “I strive to be a great role model to my wife and children, but at the same time appreciate how much I learn from them. My daughter recently told me that mum is a better driver than me. She just turned 3”.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
YouTube – and ban all forms of advertising throughout any point of a video clip. For free.


I’m inspired by literature, poetry, beautiful UI design, compassionate people

Mansi is an Engineer at Redflex, developing solutions for various back-office products and liaising with customers on business requirements and design. Her role runs the gamut of tasks, from developing with the latest technologies to bug fixing and maintaining older products.

Interested in literature and language, Mansi originally wanted to pursue English Hons. “My dad accidentally got me the wrong forms (Bachelor of IT) and I just went with it and filled out the forms – just for fun. I cleared the entrance exam and that’s how I started with what was going to be my lifelong passion – software development”.

Mansi’s proudest achievement at Redflex was the tech refresh for the back-office products. “I am proud of how quickly we picked up the new technology and built a new product in very little time”.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
Since I am a terrible driver – it will have to be driverless cars hands down.


From Grad to Team Leader in One Year

Kara joined the Redflex team in 2016 as a Field Technician, his first full-time job after completing his studies. Kara is now the Technical Services Team Leader at Redflex responsible for managing the technical operation of DJR safety cameras across Victoria. His day-to-day role involves supervising control room activities, as well as helping field technicians with second level trouble shooting.

Kara’s proudest achievement at Redflex was when he stepped in to become ‘Acting Team Leader’ during a busy period for the company in 2017.

Outside of work, Kara enjoys sports, music and fishing. He also has a side business selling terrariums.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
Rather than invention, I’d design an advanced control room where most of the tasks are automated.


Your smile makes me happy

Eva is the Redflex Engineering Delivery Manager – but she delivers so much more. When not managing the engineering pipeline and juggling requests from sales and clients, Eva also finds time to fit in some Agile coaching – a role she is passionate about.

Her proudest achievement at Redflex to date is organising the first Hackathon, a series of free-thinking sessions that challenge everything about how Redflex goes about its business.

However, after a busy day her motivation is simple; her personal mantra is ‘your smile makes me happy’.

“When I see a smile, it’s my reminder that I am contributing to our work environment being a fun, safe and engaging one.”

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
At this moment I am addicted to drawing on my iPad, so the technology I wish I had invented would have to be the iPad Pen.


I keep an open mind and try to learn new things

Venky is a Senior Solutions Architect at Redflex. With over 14 years’ experience, he brings along a wealth of development expertise from his time in industries such as Banking, Insurance, and Telecom.

Venky’s personal mantra is that he likes to “keep and open mind and try to learn new things”. He believes this has helped him to become a pragmatic developer.

Venky’s proudest achievement at Redflex is his involvement in building Alcyon platform from scratch.

Outside of work, Venky is very interested in the startup world and has participated in several startup events. “[Understanding startup culture] pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve in very little time and helps us to think lean”.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
Docker is the most recent technology that is revolutionizing the way we build, release and run the software. I wish I was part of the team.


I’m passionate about helping people, and problem solving

Brie is an Engineering Support Manager at Redflex, acting as a conduit between the Engineering Support teams and the rest of the business. Where any product is not behaving to standard, Brie and her team investigate the root cause, stop it reoccurring and mitigate any impact to customers.

Brie has always been passionate about helping people and solving problems. “From the start of my career I tried to be my best at whatever I did. As a result, people put a lot of trust in me early on and I managed to fast track my way into Management”.

Brie’s proudest achievement at Redflex so far has been the opportunity to create change across a number of areas. “For me, my biggest achievement is the opportunity to work as part of such a forward-thinking group”.

Outside of work Brie likes nothing more than escaping the buzz of everyday life and being completely off grid in nature.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?


A career in programming or development was a natural progression

Stuart is the Vice President for Product Engineering, a role that covers an array of responsibilities from technical strategy and leadership through to customer engagement and people management.

Stuart has always been interested in science and technology. “I grew up in the 80s with access to personal computers at home, which was not all that common. Given my interest and ability with computers, a career in programming/development was a natural progression”.

Stuart’s proudest achievement at Redflex has been the design, development and delivery of Alcyon: a new flagship back-office platform for photo enforcement.
Stuart is inspired by his family: his father’s experience and wisdom; his wife’s dedication to children and their education; his son’s enthusiasm for life and new experiences. “It drives me to do better for them and the things they stand for”.

Which piece of technology do you wish you’d invented?
Wi-Fi. Invented in Australia from a “failed experiment” and something most would find hard to live without.

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