Alcyon iQ

Redflex’s advanced system monitoring, data matching and alerting solution.

Alcyon iQ enables real-time event alerting, sophisticated data matching and advanced monitoring capability, along with high level performance, scalability and reliability.
It is based on an event driven architecture that sees cameras and other edge devices publish events, such as the detection of vehicle in a zone, or other incident of interest.
Using Alcyon iQ, publishing and acting on events is near real-time, allowing individual “listener” processes to perform other useful functions and enforcement activities such as real-time alerts and incident creation for vehicles of interest, stolen vehicles, unregistered vehicles, average speed infractions, etc.

Alcyon iQ has several processing capabilities including:

  • Highly scalable and extensible design; the event driven architecture is capable of processing millions of events per minute
  • Powerful data matching and business rule management engine for average speed enforcement
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of events, such as white/black listed vehicles, heavy goods vehicle monitoring, and zone enforcement
  • Analytics – all camera event information is stored for later BI processing

Key Capabilities:

  • Highly scalable and extensible design
  • Microservice architecture designed to leverage the latest queuing, message handling and fault tolerance capabilities
  • Average speed
  • Real-time alerting
  • Hot list management for vehicle of interest, white/black lists, etc
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle monitoring and tracking


  • Real-time event management
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Comprehensive, customisable dashboards
  • Deployable on existing hardware, on-premises or cloud
  • Vendor device agnostic


  • Superior visualisation of information
  • Immediate access to data for rapid response
  • Comprehensive business intelligence
  • Dynamic vehicle of interest management
  • Flexibility of deployment