A powerful portable speed detection and enforcement product.

Radarcam is a self-contained speed measurement and capture device.

Designed for in-vehicle, tripod and semi fixed mounting, to enforce speed in all conditions and scenarios.

Radarcam is the first speed enforcement system to use dual radar technology, providing detection accuracy across up to six lanes of approaching or receding traffic.

Radarcam uses two different radar devices to enable cross-checking of measured data to achieve certainty of enforcement detection as well as enable an exceptionally high detection rate for speeding vehicles. This technology eliminates the usual radar anomalies and enables the system to be operated where traditional single radar-based camera systems fail.

Key Capabilities:

  • Speed Enforcement
  • High Resolution Image Capture
  • HD Video Recording
  • Bi-Directional Capture
  • Vehicle Classification


  • Dual radar vehicle detection
  • Bi-directional enforcement in any conditions
  • Vehicle classification
  • Mobile mounting options
  • Proven high accuracy on speed measurement
  • Industrial grade camera


  • High detection and enforcement rates
  • Superior accuracy and return on investment
  • Flexible operations, reducing costs in multiple systems
  • Increase enforcement success rates
  • Comprehensive images and HD video detection in any conditions

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