Smart Motorway

A smart motorway and road management system delivering digital enforcement for traffic compliance.

The Smart Motorways system supports the implementation and monitoring of speed limits and lane closer (Red X) on motorways whilst capturing enforceable violation data.

The system is constantly monitoring the mandatory and variable signs using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This provides an overview of the driver scene, giving a clear indication of the speed limit visible to the driver at the time of an offence.

Should the speed limits or enforcement condition change, the External Aspect Verification (EAV) cameras identify any sign changes and the EAV processor then sends the change to the main enforcement camera.

The EAV processor also detects sign faults, disables enforcement when faults occur, and passes an alert back to the central server/location – making it simple for police forces to ensure that only prosecutable offences are identified.

Comprising two camera systems, Redflex’s Managed Motorways system can enforce up to four lanes of traffic.

Key Capabilities:

  • Variable Speed Enforcement
  • Can enforce when signs are off or in conflict
  • 4 lanes of sign enforcement
  • Provides visual evidence of sign status


  • Autonomous operation
  • Robust speed measurement accuracy
  • Dual radar vehicle recognition which provides high accuracy on speed measurement
  • Lane Closure (Red X) monitoring
  • Positive capture of vehicle position, lane and vehicle identification
  • 4 lanes of sign enforcement


  • Speed and network compliance
  • Operational in all weather conditions and all types of vehicles
  • Maximised detection and enforcement rates
  • Prosecution integrity assured
  • Superior accuracy and return on investment
  • Comprehensive images detection in any conditions

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