Alcyon iQ

A sophisticated solution for system monitoring, data matching and alerting – all in near real time – and capable of handling millions of events and incidents per minute.

Alcyon iQ enables real-time event alerting, advanced data matching and monitoring, together with high-level performance, scalability and reliability. It is based on an event-driven architecture that sees cameras and other edge devices publish events, such as the detection of vehicle in a zone or other incident of interest.

With Alcyon iQ, publishing and acting on events is near real-time, allowing individual ‘listener’ processes to perform other useful functions and enforcement activities such as real-time alerts and incident creation for vehicles of interest, stolen vehicles, unregistered vehicles, average speed infractions, etc.

Alcyon iQ offers:

  • Highly scalable and extensible design; the event driven architecture is capable of processing millions of events per minute
  • Powerful data matching and business rule management engine for average speed enforcement
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of events, such as white/black listed vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicle monitoring and zone enforcement
  • Analytics – all camera event information is stored for later BI processing

Key Capabilities

  • Infinitely scalable and extensible design
  • Microservice architecture designed to leverage the latest queuing, message handling and fault tolerance capabilities
  • Average speed
  • Real-time alerting
  • Hot list management for vehicles of interest, white/black lists, etc.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle monitoring and tracking


  • Real-time event management
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Comprehensive, customisable dashboards
  • Deployable on existing hardware, on-premises or cloud
  • Vendor device agnostic


  • Better visualisation of key information – clear, consolidated and configurable data visualisation tools enable more timely and better informed decision-making
  • Immediate access to information / rapid response – real-time messaging allows agencies to respond faster to critical events
  • Improved business intelligence – being able to access a central data repository and run custom reports provides a myriad of analysis options
  • Dynamic vehicle of interest management – each type of alert can be individually managed and accessed, providing crucial information to discrete agencies and user groups for focused real-time outcomes
  • Vendor-agnostic – eliminates the need for disparate solution platforms to process and manage data from systems provided by multiple vendors

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Alcyon is a cloud-based, end-to-end back office processing platform specifically designed to handle every stage of a photo enforcement violation.