A multi-functional solution with highly sensitive cameras and that delivers a range of enforcement and monitoring capabilities, all from a single pole that can be swiftly installed.

Halo is an all-in-one enforcement solution that delivers a diverse range of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications, including:

  • Red light enforcement
  • Speed enforcement
  • Average speed enforcement
  • Stop sign enforcement
  • Close following (tailgating)
  • Civil enforcement (bus lane, grid lock, parking)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Bi-directional capture
  • Vehicle classification

Halo features the most sensitive high-resolution cameras available and delivers exceptional low-light performance for day and night photography. A low power, high intensity LED flash provides targeted illumination of the object, without the stray light that often results with Xenon units.

The solution uses 3D High-Definition (3DHD) radar to effectively cover up to six lanes of bi-directional traffic.

Being a truly one-pole solution, Halo is designed for quick and cost-effective installation, with minimal civil works required.

Key Capabilities

  • Detection of up to 6 lanes of traffic
  • Red light enforcement
  • Instantaneous speed enforcement
  • Average speed enforcement
  • Close following (tailgating) enforcement
  • Barred/closed lane enforcement
  • Stop sign enforcement
  • ANPR-enabled
  • High-resolution image capture
  • HD video recording
  • Bi-directional capture
  • Rail crossing
  • Vehicle classification


  • A single-enclosure, one-pole system
  • Captures multiple detection and enforcement activities
  • Real-time data traffic intelligence and analytics
  • Latest generation radar and camera sensors
  • High-definition 3D tracking radar, which accurately measures the range, angle, speed and position of detected vehicles
  • Latest generation radar and camera sensors
  • Detection range of up to 150 metres
  • Detects in environments affected by infrastructure
  • Visible or IR illumination
  • High environmental rating, ensuring operation in all weather conditions
  • Accurate traffic phase detection


  • Cost-effective one-pole system – minimises installation, infrastructure connections, hardware, maintenance and sunk costs
  • High performance detection, coverage and enforcement rates – with multiple enforcement use cases
  • Improved road operation and management – comprehensive traffic analysis
  • Improved enforcement supported by ANPR – via superior image quality and HD video results
  • Future-proof platform – easy implementation of latest capabilities and applications

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