Close Following

Close following or tailgating is a key cause of death, personal injury, vehicle damage and congestion on road networks. Any measure that can reduce the potential for incidents is important.

Close Following enforcement is designed to detect vehicle separation based on time or distance separation, or a combination of both.

Vehicle separation is monitored by the Halo enforcement platform’s 3DHD radar and HD video. The 3DHD radar monitors a wide area of detection over a long range and reports vehicle speed, length and position over this area. Onboard algorithms accurately determine the position and speed of each vehicle in the scene and automatically calculate the vehicle separation in order to determine whether vehicles are following too closely.

The Halo system tracks the vehicles over an extended distance and is therefore able to quantitatively determine if a vehicle is persistently following another vehicle at an unsafe distance. When a close following offence is detected, the system will record an encrypted evidence file containing still images and a video clip that allows for continuous visual tracking of the offence.

Key Capabilities

  • Vehicles separation detection based on time or distance or a combination of both
  • 3DHD radar tracks speed, location, length and direction of travel of all vehicles
  • Halo system captures high quality images and video evidence of vehicles travelling close behind other vehicles


  • Detection and capture of vehicles travelling close behind other vehicles
  • Redflex’s Halo enforcement platformcan be used to capture speed, average speed, closed lane and other offences
  • Integrates with Redflex’s Alcyon iQ


  • Saves lives – reduces number of close following collisions
  • Improved close following compliance – leads to better safety outcomes
  • Greater understanding of network usage – data-driven insights with Alcyon iQ
  • Increased enforcement options – Halo provides agencies with a greater number of enforcement options, all from one system
  • Decreased roadside footprint – one solution with multiple capabilities reduces the number of systems at roadside