Hold the Red

Red light cameras have been highly successful in reducing the number and severity of crashes at intersections; however, they cannot prevent T-bone collisions caused by a driver running a red light. To prevent these accidents, Redflex has developed an intelligent crash avoidance system.

Redflex’s Hold the Red solution extends the ‘all-red’ phase at an intersection to hold cross traffic vehicles should a driver be detected attempting to run the red light. This provides time for the offending driver to safely clear the intersection. Law-abiding drivers in cross traffic lanes are held back, reducing the chance they will enter into a potentially hazardous situation, thereby saving lives and reducing congestion. The breaching driver is captured by the camera and will receive a violation.

The advanced algorithm behind Redflex’s Hold the Red can detect a vehicle from at least 45 metres from the intersection, and determine its speed and whether it is accelerating or slowing down as it approaches. It can also determine the point at which a vehicle cannot – or is extremely unlikely to stop – and the likelihood of it breaching the red light signal.

The detection of a driver about to run a red light is linked to the traffic light control system and the all-red phase is extended, preventing a green light being given to cross traffic vehicles. An ‘all-red’ phase may last from one to a few seconds, with one second being the typical duration. Extension of the phase will be more than compensated for by the prevention of accidents – whether large or small – thus helping maintain traffic flow.

Key Capabilities

  • Measures the speed of a vehicle on approach to the intersection
  • Measures the vehicle’s distance from the stop bar
  • Measures the speed of all vehicles at least 45 metres from the intersection
  • Monitors the current state of the traffic light phase via Video Phase Detection System or Traffic Light Interface Module
  • Sends a signal to the traffic light controller via a virtual loop card mounted in the traffic control cabinet


  • A warning signal of a driver about to run a red light initiates Hold the Red
  • ‘Time into red’ of Hold the Red
  • Timestamp of every Hold the Red alert
  • Video file of every Hold the Red event
  • Captures red light violation data for every Hold the Red event


  • Saves lives – reduces number of collisions and resulting congestion
  • Provides useful data on offending vehicles and their behaviour – e.g. at what point in the red light signal phase did the driver attempt to run the red light?
  • Accurate record keeping / statistics – enable agencies to understand what is happening over time
  • Visual evidence of a Hold the Red incident – Hold the Red can operate from same Halo system as Red Light enforcement