Intelligence and Reporting

With motorway management, access to accurate and timely data is critical. Organisations need to understand what is going on at any point in time to take proactive action and maximise operational and strategic effectiveness. With millions of data points being generated across road networks every minute, there is also much additional intelligence to be gained from the data collected during routine photo enforcement activities.

Alcyon iQ is Redflex’s advanced monitoring, data matching and real-time alerting platform.

The solution is based on an event-driven architecture whereby camera systems publish events such as vehicle detections to the Alcyon iQ server, which then triggers microservices on the server to create new events if a match is found against the stored hotlist. Incident event data is then transported to Alcyon iQ and processed.

In the platform, event consumers “listen” for events and then carry out specific processing for each type of event. A typical example would be the logging of a camera detection at an initial point then subsequent matching at a second detection point followed by the calculation of average speed within a zone and the generation of an offence incident file should the speed limit be exceeded.

The same data can be used for multiple event types and applications – e.g. as well as average (point-to-point) speed analysis, the data can also used to detect white/black listed vehicles or provide information on traffic congestion for subsequent alerting.

All camera event information is stored for later BI processing.

Key Capabilities

  • Highly scalable and extensible design
  • Microservice architecture designed to leverage the latest queuing, message handling and fault tolerance capabilities
  • Average speed systems matching and speed determination
  • Real-time alerting
  • Hot list management for vehicle of interest, white/black lists, etc.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle monitoring and tracking


  • Comprehensive dashboard allows users to view events, alarms, incidents and statistical information in near real-time. Dashboards are fully customisable
  • Based on an ‘event’ driven’ architecture that sees the camera publish an event. Events are now actioned in real-time instead of point-in-time, allowing listener processes to perform functions such as alerts for vehicles of interest, white list/black list, unregistered vehicles, etc.
  • Provides a rich data store that can be accessed by Business Intelligence tools enabling the generation of reports such as offending vehicles over a nominated time period, traffic and event volumes and trends, etc.
  • Numerous vehicle of interest lists can be managed separately (e.g. white list, black list, permitted heavy or hazardous good vehicles, etc.) by manual and automated batch file upload or by individual editing of lists. Access and management of each list can be granted to differing internal and external agencies
  • Alcyon iQ has been designed to process traffic incident data from any system. It supports a wide range of interfaces and protocols, allowing for easy integration with third-party platforms


  • Better visualisation of key information – clear, consolidated and configurable data visualisation tools enable more timely and better informed decision-making
  • Immediate access to information / rapid response – real-time messaging allows agencies to respond faster to critical events
  • Improved business intelligence – being able to access a central data repository and run custom reports provides a myriad of analysis options
  • Dynamic vehicle of interest management – each type of alert can be individually managed and accessed, providing crucial information to discrete agencies and user groups for focused real-time outcomes
  • Vendor-agnostic – eliminates the need for disparate solution platforms to process and manage data from systems provided by multiple vendors