Lane Enforcement

Improve safety and traffic flows on your motorways by automatically alerting drivers to speed changes and lane closures – giving them time to adjust their driving to any altered conditions ahead and capturing details of drivers who do not comply.

Redflex’s proprietary solution for lane enforcement on motorways – Red X – uses optical character recognition (OCR) to recognise Red X warnings that inform drivers of a closed lane. The system identifies the lane(s) displaying the Red X and, on detection of a Red X violation, a new incident type is created and processed in the same way that speed violations are.

With Redflex’s OCR-based system, the contextual cameras monitor changes to the variable message signs and provide confirmation of correct sign displays. Alternatively, a direct signal can be fed from the sign controller into the camera system. In this case, the remote camera provides confirmation of correct sign displays.

Red X provides a video of the violation for additional context, as well as visual evidence of the sign status to show that an enforceable event has occurred. Images are in high-resolution and the solution automatically disables enforcement when the signs are turned off or in conflict. Up to four lanes can be monitored simultaneously.

Key Capabilities

  • Enforcement of barred/closed lanes
  • Variable speed enforcement
  • High-resolution images
  • Video of violation to prove intent
  • Can disable enforcement when signs are off or in conflict
  • Up to 6 lanes of sign enforcement
  • Offence package includes visual evidence of sign condition
  • ANPR detection
  • Multiple enforcement capabilities


  • Non-intrusive detection of sign status
  • Can be used with multiple gantry-mounted signs and motorway message signs
  • Recognises flash lantern rates or broken sign aspects


  • Improved detection and enforcement – unambiguous identification of vehicle speed, length, class, position and lane use
  • Lower cost of enforcement – combines several detection capabilities into a seamless, integrated multi-purpose platform. This reduces the cost of roadside equipment, supporting infrastructure, system installation and maintenance
  • Improved road monitoring and management – provides real-time traffic information to road operators and users to enable enhanced vehicle flow, journey management and the quick detection of traffic accidents and other incidents
  • Multiple deployment options – allowing authorities to install the system for Red X and speed enforcement on motorways with several deployment options as gantry, over the lane or roadside
  • Lower maintenance costs – all components are easily serviceable and no onsite camera adjustments are required
  • Superior image quality – improved enforcement success rates due to clear images with a greater number of legible number plate images