Off-Street Parking Access

For any shopping centre, office block or other building with off-street parking, there is much that a smart parking access solution can do to improve the visitor experience and provide a point of difference while also delivering business intelligence and analytics to optimise operational efficiencies.

Redflex’s sophisticated off-street parking access solutions enable the accurate and reliable detection, capture and tracking of vehicles throughout a car park. It helps operators understand and improve the customer journey – rewarding loyalty, encouraging return visits and improving outcomes for commercial tenants.

For example, this data can help improve the customer (or visitor) experience by:

  • Identifying how long it takes a customer to find a parking spot
  • Identifying the length of the average stay
  • Guiding customers to a parking spot more quickly

In particular, the data can help improve the visitor experience by enabling:

  • Access zoning – allocating parking by vehicle type (e.g. taxi, bus or customer vehicle).
  • Access designation – allocating parking based on visitor type (e.g. early bird, VIP, employee or stakeholder).

Components of the Redflex off-street parking access solution include the most advanced core processing, ANPR and imaging technology on the market, already proven in high-volume car park solutions and able to cover single lane, multi-lane and multi-directional lanes of traffic flow. A variety of configurable mounting options optimise detection accuracy.

Key Capabilities

  • A fully integrated solution for high-volume premium car parks
  • Designed to enhance the customer/visitor parking experience
  • Ticketless, seamless entry and exit integrated account management
  • Advanced analytics provide business intelligence to optimise ongoing operations


  • Easily configurable dashboard reporting A robust, highly reliable solution with full data encryption
  • Infinitely expandable to meet future needs
  • Industry-leading ANPR camera solution with best-in-class detection, capture and tracking rates with a choice of configurable mounting options to optimise detection accuracy
  • Range of access control options
  • Vehicle alerting – white/black lists to detect vehicles of interest e.g. for VIP customer access
  • Scalable event-driven architecture – can handle millions of events per minute
  • Redflex’s proprietary real-time middle office processing system – automated for error-free ANPR matching and integrated account management


Enhance the customer / visitor parking experience

  • Preferential parking based on the customer’s credentials and loyalty / reward programs
  • Access control to designated parking areas (VIPs, customers, employees, tenants, contactors, etc.)
  • Fast and seamless entry and exit
  • Improved traffic flow through the car park
  • Flexible payment options

Enhance operational efficiency and insights

  • Collect data on time, date, system ID/location with configurable options
  • Automated processing
  • Pool user data with other data sources to provide insights for pricing initiatives and business intelligence
  • Share event and process data with other services / stakeholders
  • Monitor operations in real-time, with alerting for multiple events