Our Solutions

Redflex strives for continual innovation on roads across the world, with our talented team continually creating and delivering solutions based around our Mission:

Saving Lives

Saving Time

Saving the Environment

Road Safety

Improving road safety is an issue that’s front of mind for police forces and other law authorities worldwide. From speeding, red-light and bus lane enforcement and more, our solutions help you enforce compliance, encourage driver behavioural change and save lives in the community. Automated capture and enforcement leads to the road safety program being delivered in the most effective and efficient manner.
Average Speed
Hold the Red
Instantaneous Speed
Red Light

Intelligent Traffic Management

Motorway authorities globally are looking for ways to make major roads and highways safer, more environmentally cleaner and for traffic to flow more smoothly. Redflex’s suite of speed, lane enforcement and intelligent systems make it easier to keep traffic flowing  during busy periods, maintain speed limits on motorways (both for safety and traffic) and capture enforceable violation and traffic data.
Average Speed
Bus Lane
Close Following
Instantaneous Speed
Intelligence and Reporting
Lane Enforcement

Urban Traffic Management

Urban traffic management is a key issue facing most local councils and cities, with a focus on improving traffic flows, curbside management, including parking efficiency and air quality (Low Emission Zones). Redflex’s smart solutions are increasingly playing an important role in creating more intelligent traffic systems and improving mobility in urban centres.
Bus Lane
Off-Street Parking Access

Back Office

The back office functions of case management, photo processing and operations management play a critical role in any enforcement initiative. Redflex’s solutions are highly automated and scalable, allowing infringements and other cases to be easily imported and processed. Other useful capabilities include advanced system monitoring, data matching and alerting.
Case Management