Clearwater, Florida Renews Contract with Redflex, Emphasizing Commitment to Roadway Safety

2019-11-15 20:18:41
The Clearwater City Council renewed its contract with Redflex to continue its red-light camera program at some of the city’s intersections through Oct. 30, 2024. The decision reflects the city’s commitment to preventing deadly red-light-running crashes, and making streets safer for motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

Redflex first installed red-light cameras in 2012 at two intersections in Clearwater: Belcher Road and Gulf to Bay Boulevard (also known as State Road 60), as well as the junction of Fort Harrison Avenue and Chestnut Street. These intersections were chosen for their high rates of serious injury crash data attributable to red-light violations.

Red-light running is a serious problem nationwide. According to a study released by the AAA Foundation, 2017 saw a record-breaking number of fatalities due to red-light running. Nearly half of those killed in red-light-running crashes were passengers or people in other vehicles. Around 5% were pedestrians or cyclists and just over 35% were the drivers who ran the light.

“Redflex is proud to continue its partnership with Clearwater,” says Lew Miller, Senior Vice President of Global Operations. “Red-light cameras are a proven tool that will enhance safety on troublesome intersections and improve roadway conditions for the entire community.”

Learn more about Redflex’s red-light cameras here.