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Government Europa Quarterly Highlights Redflex’s Commitment to Innovation in Road Safety

Government Europa Quarterly, a digital publication highlighting political and governmental developments in the European Union, showcased Redflex’s long-standing dedication to leading innovation in traffic safety technology in a recent issue.

The publication notes that road traffic injuries are expected to become the leading cause of death by 2030, stressing the importance of combining proactive public outreach with legislation and photo enforcement. Redflex offers numerous solutions to improve road safety – our third generation of photo enforcement systems is capable of detecting and verifying different speed limit signs on roadways, comparing them with how fast a motorist is driving. This technology allows law enforcement to implement variable speed limits to better control traffic flow.

With a presence along M25, the busiest highway in the United Kingdom, Redflex’s system was the first to gain Home Office Type Approval in England. We continue to innovate, keeping pace with current traffic trends and developing solutions that align with where transportation and technology are headed.

Read the article here.