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NMi Approval for Redflex’s Halo 2 Speed Enforcement Solution

Melbourne, Australia; November, 2019

Redflex, a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management solutions, has recently received certification for its Halo 2 solution from the independent testing and certification organisation, the Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi).

Safer roadways globally – and locally

With a core corporate mission of facilitating safer roads, Redflex’s proprietary technology is used to provide detection, verification and processing in more than fifteen countries globally, from the US to the UK, Europe, the Middle East and across the Asia Pacific region.

Halo 2 is Redflex's most recent advancement in enforcement technology, which leverages their market-leading imaging, radar detection and computing capability. Halo 2 is a single pole solution delivering red light and speed enforcement, comprising radar, flash, cameras and computer in a single enclosure.

The result of years of significant research and development effort, its advanced system design ensures maximum incident detection including the ability to take clear driver images and produce quality incident packages for adjudication purposes. At any moment, the Halo radar can track 256 objects simultaneously with reliable lane discrimination, while signal phase detection can monitor up to all nine traffic phases, including any combination of left turn, right turn, and straight-through signals.

The Redflex Halo 2 design simplifies installation and servicing and considerably reduces the environmental impact of the system through lower power consumption and emissions compared with traditional systems. The unique detection algorithms and advanced camera and illumination capabilities make Halo 2 suitable for many environmental and enforcement scenarios. Halo 2’s NMi approval currently covers speed enforcement.

‘We are delighted that the Redflex Halo 2 solution has been awarded NMi approval, one of the most stringent in the world. Obtaining international certifications for our new products is essential for us to pursue and compete in competitive tenders globally,’ says Mark Talbot, Redflex CEO.

About Redflex

The Redflex Group has established itself as a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management products and services. Redflex develops, manufactures and operates a wide range of platform-based solutions including red light camera, speed camera, auto number plate recognition (ANPR) and school bus stop arm camera systems, all utilising advanced sensor and image capture technologies enabling active management of state and local motorways.

The Redflex Group runs its own systems engineering operations, system integration technologies and innovation centre for research and development. With the continuous development of new products, the Redflex Group has been helping to improve roadway safety, alleviate congestion and reduce the harmful impacts of vehicle emissions for more than twenty years.

Redflex Contact

To learn more about Redflex solutions, please contact Dudi.Cohen@redflex.com