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Redflex Speed Enforcement Program Helps Reduce Injury, Deadly Crashes by 55% at Problematic Intersections in Calgary, Alberta

The city of Calgary, Alberta has successfully improved roadway safety with the help of Redflex photo enforcement solutions. Since implementing intersection speed enforcement in 2009, the city has experienced a 55 percent decrease in serious injury and fatal crashes, and a 25 percent decrease in total collisions at intersections with automated cameras.

The city partnered with Redflex in 2001 to install red-light cameras and added intersection speed enforcement in 2009. Of the city’s 51 cameras, 28 monitor speeding incidents. The Calgary Police Service also uses mobile speed cameras that rotate among high-risk locations based on reports of dangerous driving behaviours.

From 2001 to 2016, Calgary experienced a 37 percent decrease in injury collisions at the top 20 photo radar deployment locations, which includes both red-light and speed enforcement.