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Michigan High School Student Advocates for School Bus Safety in Video Project

Nashawn Craig, a junior at Romulus High School in Michigan, stressed the importance of stopping for school buses in a video project for his Family Career Community Leaders of Tomorrow class.

In the video, a mother illegally passes a stopped school bus, striking her daughter after she exits the bus. Nashawn explains that many motorists treat a school bus’s warning lights as a yellow traffic light, slowing down rather than coming to a complete stop. He shares the correct protocol for a variety of situations, including when a bus stops at a railroad crossing, on roadways with center turn lanes and medians, and when a bus does a “hazard stop.”

REDFLEX Student Guardian® helps reduce the dangerous driving behavior Nashawn warns against, using a camera on the school bus’s stop arm to capture information about vehicles that pass the bus when it is stopped, and its warning lights and stop-arm are displayed.