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Plano, Texas Reduces Red-Light Running Violations, Crashes with Photo Enforcement Program

With a long-standing commitment to traffic safety, the city of Plano, Texas reported a substantial increase in roadway safety as a result of its red-light camera program.

According to recently released 2016 data, the city reduced red-light running crashes by 33 percent, reduced total intersection crashes by 50 percent and decreased rear-end crashes by 70 percent at photo-enforced intersections since the program began in 2005.

In the past five years, Plano has issued more than 55,000 red-light violations from 17 photo enforcement cameras at the city’s busiest intersections. In 2017, the city used revenue from red-light violations to fund a $2 million citywide traffic safety upgrade, helping to protect all road users, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Plano partnered with Redflex to install and operate the REDFLEXred® photo enforcement program.

Learn more about Plano’s photo enforcement program here.