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The National Transportation Safety Board Encourages Use of Automated Speed Enforcement

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a recommendation that all U.S. states allow the use of automated speed enforcement, finding that it is an “effective but underused countermeasure.”

The recommendation was issued as part of the results of a safety study it conducted on reducing speeding-related passenger vehicle crashes on U.S. roads. It links speeding to a staggering112,580 passenger vehicle highway crash fatalities, specifically between 2005 - 2014. To put that number in perspective, nearly the same number of people – 112,948 – died in alcohol-involved crashes in the same period of time.

Despite this sobering statistic, speeding surpisingly has few negative social consequences compared to the consequences of an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence. The NTSB study further notes that, although drivers are aware that speeding is a threat to safety, this is recognized as a common driving behavior in the U.S.

As a result of the findings of the study, the NTSB has issued 19 safety recommendations: one to the US Department of Transportation, eight to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, four to the Federal Highway Administration, and one each to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Redflex offers photo speed enforcement in several formats: permanent, portable, and handheld so that local authorities can make the best choice to keep their drivers safe.

To read more about the NTSB study, click here: https://ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/PR20170725b.aspx