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Sherwood, Ore. Renews Red-light Program, Adds Speed Enforcement to Further Increase Safety

The city of Sherwood, Ore. is expanding its commitment to public safety, renewing its red-light enforcement program and adding speed enforcement to reduce crashes and other dangerous driving behaviors.

Since partnering with Redflex in 2010, Sherwood has installed five red-light enforcement systems at two intersections. The city will add Redflex’s speed enforcement technology to three of those systems in an effort to further improve safety in the community.

HB2409, which permits Oregon law enforcement to utilize speed enforcement technology, was passed by the state legislature last year. Sherwood is the second city in Oregon, after Medford, to implement speed enforcement at intersections.

Redflex is a trusted partner for Sherwood and other cities across the country, helping them effectively implement red-light and speed enforcement programs.