A full-featured, cloud-based case management and photo enforcement processing solution. Capable of handling incident data from any camera, edge or sensory device, Alcyon is automated to maximise operational efficiency and accuracy and is highly scalable.

Alcyon is a unified, dynamic, high performing and scalable photo enforcement case management and processing platform.

It enables incidents, infringements and other cases, to be imported and processed via automated and manual processes, removing need to manage fragmented and complex systems.

Alcyon provides an omnichannel user experience, running on a wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems – from back office operators using desktops and tablets to field agents using smartphones and other handheld devices.

Alcyon delivers complete back office processing and operations management functionality, including:

  • Photo enforcement processing, case and correspondence management
  • Advanced ad-hoc reporting and analysis
  • Real-time KPI management through an advanced dashboard
  • Complete Field Service and Call Centre management functionality (optional)
  • Records and data management
  • Evidence storage

Redflex has drawn upon 20+ years’ experience in photo enforcement, case management processing and operational experience with agencies in hundreds of jurisdictions around world to deliver Alcyon as the most advanced, full-featured and cost-effective solution available.

Key Capabilities:

  • Scalable / extensible photo enforcement processing and case management platform
  • Advanced ad-hoc reporting functionality
  • Real-time dashboard and KPI management
  • Configurable workflow and process management
  • Field service and asset management
  • Customer care
  • Omnichannel UX


  • Designed to process incident data from any camera, edge or sensory device
  • Configurable and scalable case management
  • Real-time dashboard and KPI management


  • One system replaces multiple systems – this reduces the need for multiple platforms to handle and process photo enforcement incidents
  • Future-proofing technology advancements – as technology improves, so too will the Alcyon platform, meaning your investment in back office processing will not be lost
  • Improved back office efficiency – Alcyon’s Case Management functionality can reduce the time and effort spent processing traffic enforcement data
  • Flexibility to meet your needs – Alcyon mirrors your jurisdiction-specific business processes
  • Reduced support and maintenance costs – because of the way Alcyon is architected, the core system remains unchanged when customer-specific configuration occurs, meaning that future upgrades are not costly or complex
  • Flexibility of deployment – while some systems have inherent deployment restrictions, Alcyon can be deployed in either the cloud or on-premises
  • Detailed analysis and Business Intelligence – with a closer understanding of enforcement data, agencies can better allocate resources and gain maximum return on their investment

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