A handheld traffic and speed enforcement laser that captures a high-resolution image of the licence plate number, together with video, for indisputable evidence of speed and traffic violations.

The TruVision device extends traditional capabilities by gathering the indisputable proof that is required to enforce other traffic violations too – day or night – from more than 150 meters and with crystal clear clarity.

Within seconds, officers can deploy this light and compact device to capture and store violations. TruVision provides a high-resolution image of the licence plate number – as well as video – delivering the ultimate in versatility. The sophisticated auto focus ensures crystal clear images and there is video tracking and speed capture of up to 320km/h for both approaching and departing vehicles.

TruVision’s extended battery life gives up to twelve hours of operation so officers can maximise productivity in the field. Plus, tamper-proof secure data encryption ensures courtroom reliability.

TruVision is easy to operate, with a simple-to-use interface (just four buttons), 7x magnification, focus adjustment ring and soft eye cover to eliminate eye strain.

Key Capabilities:

  • Speed enforcement
  • High-resolution image set
  • HD video recording
  • Bi-directional capture
  • Data encryption for evidence packaging
  • Secure file transfer
  • ANPR-enabled


  • Portable system
  • Several power options to ensure sufficient deployment duration
  • Dual radar vehicle detection
  • Simultaneous traffic and speed detection
  • Bi-directional enforcement in any conditions
  • Core detection system can be rotated between portable and fixed deployments
  • Proven high accuracy for speed measurement
  • Industrial-grade camera
  • LED flash technology with low power requirements


  • High-resolution images provide indisputable evidence – up to 32GB of data storage
  • Capture long-range images with fast data encryption
  • Easy to operate – in all conditions

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