Deployable 250

A portable speed detection system that can be deployed in less than two hours and utilises two independent, industry-leading radars to provide higher incident capture and enforcement.

Deployable 250 utilises the same photo enforcement technology found in our mobile, tripod and trailer systems – all housed in a small footprint unit for longer deployments in areas that do not have as much room for a vehicle or trailer across lanes of traffic.

This portable speed enforcement unit utilises industry-leading radar detection and the most sensitive high-resolution cameras to deliver exceptional low-light performance for day and night photography. A low power, high intensity LED flash provides targeted illumination of the object, without the stray light that often results with Xenon units.

The deployable 250 solution utilises dual radar technology (two independent radars) to provide higher incident capture and enforcement rates. Each radar beam of the dual radar system individually measures the speed of a vehicle and both readings must agree within a pre-determined tolerance.

Key Capabilities:

  • Instantaneous speed enforcement
  • Lane closure monitoring and enforcement
  • Detection of up to six lanes of traffic
  • High-resolution image capture
  • Bi-directional capture
  • Vehicle classification
  • HD video recording and streaming


  • Portable system
  • Several power options to ensure sufficient deployment duration
  • Dual radar vehicle detection
  • Simultaneous traffic and speed detection
  • Bi-directional enforcement in any conditions
  • Core detection system can be rotated between portable and fixed deployments
  • Proven high accuracy for speed measurement
  • Industrial-grade camera
  • LED flash technology with low power requirements


  • Quick and easy relocation between enforcement locations - less than two hours
  • High performance detection, coverage and enforcement - superior accuracy and return on investment
  • Comprehensive traffic analysis
  • Superior image quality and HD video results – under any conditions
  • Future proof - easy implementation of latest capabilities and applications

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