Bus Lane

Improve bus journey times and congestion, and keep buses and cars apart. Giving priority to buses increases their reliability, reduces journey times and makes bus travel more attractive. Bus lane enforcement is an essential part of congestion management in cities that prioritise public transport as funds raised can be used for other public transport initiatives.

Compliance monitoring and enforcement via fines acts as a deterrent to drivers tempted to do the wrong thing and helps passengers get to their destination on time.

The Redflex Bus Lane enforcement solution automatically captures vehicles that illegally travel in dedicated bus lanes or shared transitways, which are used to give priority to buses during peak hours along key routes.

Without bus lane enforcement, non-authorised vehicles use the lanes, leading to increased bus journey times and decreased reliability. While manual enforcement is possible (e.g. by a police officer), this is costly, labour-intensive, and can further add to congestion.

Redflex’s advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognition of vehicles allows the system to determine which vehicles are not permitted to use the bus lane. High quality images and video provide evidence of offending vehicles.

Key Capabilities

  • Enables enforcement of both dedicated bus lanes and shared transitways
  • The system recognises which vehicles not allowed to use the bus lane via its advanced ANPR and Machine Vision (AI) capabilities
  • Captures photographic and HD video evidence of offending vehicles
  • Automatically uploads incident files in real time
  • A fully extensible system – additional cameras can be added for an enhanced evidence package
  • Compatible with Redflex’s Alcyon iQ data platform for real-time hotlist alerting, access to an interactive dashboard and customised reporting


  • Detection of non-permitted vehicles using bus-only lanes
  • ANPR engine
  • Machine Vision (AI) based recognition of vehicles
  • Fully automated enforcement solution
  • Encryption of images and data on camera
  • Cellular communications


  • Reduces congestion and improves bus journey times – by removing non-permitted vehicles from the bus lane
  • Only captures vehicles in enforceable bus lanes – able to handle complex business rules where vehicles may be permitted to use the bus lane for turning at intersections
  • Automatically makes decisions – decides whether an unknown vehicle may be allowed in the lane based on its appearance e.g. other coach services, emergency vehicles, etc.
  • All evidence is stored and transferred securely – wireless transfer of evidence in real time