Halo Distributed

A powerful, portable, speed detection and enforcement product designed to be mounted on motorway or roadway infrastructure. Dedicated cameras monitor traffic in each lane using advanced 3DHD radar and provide for a range of detection and enforcement applications.

Halo Distributed is designed for highly accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) applications, traffic monitoring and enforcement. It can monitor and detect vehicles in up to six lanes of traffic by using an advanced 3D High Definition (3DHD) radar with Redflex’s proprietary software.

Halo Distributed uses a dedicated camera for every lane. The system provides deployment options for gantry and bridge installations, as well as installations to pre-existing roadside infrastructure. Halo Distributed detection and enforcement applications include:

  • Average speed detection
  • Instantaneous speed detection
  • Traffic monitoring alerts and statistics
  • Lane closure monitoring and enforcement
  • ANPR for multiple applications, including ANPR for tolling and congestion charging.

The Halo Distributed system software has been extensively tested and verified to meet strict traffic enforcement industry requirements.

Key Capabilities

  • Detection of up to 6 lanes of traffic
  • Detects and captures multiple offences:
    • Instantaneous speed enforcement
    • Average speed enforcement
    • Close following (tailgating) enforcement
    • Lane closure enforcement
  • ANPR-enabled
  • High-resolution image capture
  • HD video recording
  • Bi-directional capture
  • Vehicle classification


  • Real-time data traffic intelligence and analytics
  • High-definition 3D tracking radar, which accurately measures the range, angle, speed and position of detected vehicles.
  • Latest generation radar and camera sensors
  • Detection range of up to 150 metres
  • Detects in environments affected by infrastructure


  • Excellent detection, coverage and enforcement rates - supported by superior ANPR, image quality and HD video results
  • Low hardware costs – one system for multiple enforcement use cases
  • Improved road operations and management – with comprehensive traffic analysis
  • Future-proof platform – easy implementation of latest capabilities and applications

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