Red X

A powerful solution for managing and enforcing lane usage. The variable sign automatically alerts drivers to lane closures and speed changes – giving them time to adjust their driving to any altered conditions ahead – and the Red X solution automatically  captures  enforceable violation data for drivers who do not comply with the signs (Red X).

Red X uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based video analytics (or a direct-connected system) to recognise Red X warning signs that alert drivers of a closed motorway lane and fine those who disobey.

With an OCR-based system, the contextual cameras monitor changes to the variable message signs and provide confirmation of correct sign displays. Alternatively, a direct signal can be fed from the sign controller into the camera system. In this case, the remote camera provides verification of correct sign displays.

The Red X application is part of the Intelligent Motorway platform which allows for the simultaneous operation of Red X and speed enforcement.

When a sign displays a Red X, the system identifies the lane(s) displaying the Red X and enables lane closure enforcement. Upon detection of a Red X violation, a new incident type is created and processed in the same way as speed violations.

Key Capabilities

  • Enforcement of barred/closed lanes
  • Video of violation to prove intent
  • Can enforce when signs are off i.e. the system will revert to and detect those travelling above the national speed limit
  • Enforcement configuration per lane/sign
  • 6 lanes of sign enforcement
  • High resolution image
  • Provides visual evidence of sign status
  • Variable speed enforcement


  • Non-intrusive detection of sign status
  • Usable with multiple gantry-mounted signs and motorway message signs
  • Recognises multiple sign manufacturers
  • Recognises flash lantern rates or broken sign aspects


  • Reduced sign costs
  • Ability to use multiple sign manufacturers
  • Offence package includes visual evidence of sign status to support the adjudication process and court cases
  • Speed compliance and barred lane enforcement
  • Ideal for multiple applications

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