Instantaneous Speed

Reducing the number of speeding drivers is key to reducing the numbers of serious and fatal incidents on our roads, and automated instantaneous speed enforcement is a cost-effective method for improving driver compliance that is used by many road authorities and municipalities around the world.

Redflex’s instantaneous speed enforcement solutions are designed to efficiently capture instantaneous speed offences using industry-leading technologies. All systems offer additional enforcement capabilities too, including Red X (lane closure), average speed and bus lane enforcement and licence plate recognition. This can help agencies and departments lower the cost of enforcement, while proven and robust speed measurement accuracy maximises detection rates.

As well as industry-leading camera and radar technologies, Redflex solutions offer a range of deployment options. For example, the Halo single-pole solution is designed for quick and cost-effective installation, with minimal civil works required, while Halo Distributed offers the option of bridge or gantry installation, and can also be installed on existing roadside infrastructure.

Key Capabilities

  • Variable speed enforcement
  • Detection of up to 6 lanes of traffic
  • High resolution image capture
  • Video of violation to prove intent
  • HD video recording and streaming
  • Offence package includes visual evidence of sign condition
  • ANPR detection
  • Can enforce when speed signs are off or in conflict
  • Multiple enforcement capabilities